How to Clean a Burnt Cast Iron Skillet?

Who doesn’t love to eat homemade food? And when it comes to home cooking, the cast iron skillet works incredibly well. However, the main job starts after the cooking is done. Cleaning the stubborn burnt stains from the cast iron skillet is a really tiresome job. Considering this fact, we have come up with some hacks.

These hacks will show you how to clean a burnt cast iron skillet appropriately. Simply, using some oil, baking soda, lemon, or salt, and finally boiling some water in the skillet, this process can be done. So, let’s start the journey to learn the detailed process of restoring and seasoning the skillet.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron cookware is well known for its heavy-duty durable structure, versatility, and heat retention ability. This cookware can even provide non-sticky cooking if seasoned properly. These skillets are made with iron alloy with a small amount of carbon. The best thing is you will find the best cookware set made with cast iron at a very reasonable price.

Professional chefs use cast iron skillets for preparing meals that require high temperatures. With its great heat retention ability, chefs find it more convenient to whip up several meals. Cast iron skillets are oven safe which is a great thing. In addition, cast iron skillets are very easy to clean and season or reseason.

How to Clean a Burnt Cast Iron Skillet

Head chef and recipe developer, Claudia Sidoti said that it’s necessary to clean the cast-iron skillets immediately after use. So, let’s see how to clean a burnt cast iron skillet simply.

So, for this cleaning process, you will require the following things.

  • Oil (Safflower oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, vegetable, oil, soybean oil).
  • Salt (Sea Salt, kosher salt) or lemon juice
  • Paper towel
  • Scrubbing brush or
  • Scrubbing pad or sponge.

Wipe the Skillet With Oil

Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil and pour them into the skillet. Make sure the skillet should be warm and not cool. Now, wipe down the whole surface of the skillet using a dry paper towel. It will make the further cleaning process easier.

Use Salt or Lemon to Scrub Away the Burnt Food

Take a tablespoon of salt and lemon juice and mix them well. Put this mixture into the burnt surface of the skillet and leave them for at least 20-30 minutes. After 20 or 30 minutes take the steel wool pad or sponge and start scrubbing.

Boil Some Water

Still, if you see burn foods on the skillet simply fill the skillet with 2.5 cm of water. Then, you can place it onto the stovetop over medium heat. When the water begins to boil, add some drop of dish soap that is suitable for cast iron and start scrubbing with the brush.

You can use the bamboo-handled cast iron brush as this bush is designed for removing the most stuck-on food. The good thing about this brush is, it is safe for the cast-iron skillets. It is non-toxic, BPA free and moreover provides a strong grip. After scraping away the burnt food clean it with fresh water.

Dry the Skillet

Now, it’s time for drying the skillet. Remember, proper drying is a must for every cast-iron cookware. So, wipe off the water of your skillet using paper towels. Make sure to remove all the excess water.

After wiping the skillet put it into the oven for 10 minutes and set the oven at 350° F. Also you can put it into the stovetop over medium heat and let the skillet dry properly. Make sure, it is thoroughly dry and there is not a single drop of water remaining.

Reapply Oil

Once the skillet is dried, apply a thin layer of oil. Pour 15 to 30 ml of oil into the warm skillet and spread it all over the surface using the paper towel. Using oil after every use is a must to keep the skillet nonsticky and in the best condition for further use.

Tips For Taking Care Of Cast-Iron Skillet

Taking Care Of Cast-Iron Skillet

As per, Academy of Culinary Nutrition, it is essential to taking care of your cast iron skillet to keep them in good shape. So, follow the below tips for taking proper care of your cast iron skillets.

  • Heavy seasoning is a must for ensuring long-term service from the skillets.
  • Clean or wash off the burnt or stained skillet immediately after finishing the cooking. Don’t wait to let it cool.
  • Using eco-friendly replacement instead of using dishwasher and detergent will work best. You can also go for the cast iron soaps.
  • Never soak the skillets into the water for a long time it can cause rust. Remember, not to put the cast iron skillet on the dishwasher.
  • Try to use a wooden spoon, plastic scraper, or plastic spoon for removing the burnt-on food.
  • After every cleaning thoroughly dries the skillet.
  • Use heavy oil like coconut oil if you are not going to use it for a week long. For short-term storage using vegetable oil will work fine.
  • Must apply oil both inside and outside of the skillet.
  • Make sure, store the skillets in a cool and absolutely dry place. Remember, a single drop of water can damage your skillet.

Final Verdict

Cast iron skillets work incredibly and are a must-have kitchen tool for every single kitchen for home cooking. You can cook almost everything in the cast iron skillets. And when we are talking about cooking delicious foods an obvious thing comes along which is cleaning. Regular cleaning of skillets is not a hard task.

As cast iron skillets usually have a natural nonstick coating it is really easy to clean. In addition, we shared everything about how to clean a burnt cast iron skillet in this guide. So, by following the above procedures you can promptly eliminate all the stations and burnt from the skillets. As you got the answer enjoy the happy washing of your cast iron skillet.

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