How to Season Ceramic Cookware (6 Step Guide)

Ceramic cookware has come a long way being one of the most convenient materials for cooking and baking. It is a popular choice for many because of its durability, heat resistance, and easy cleaning.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to season ceramic cookware.

Well, seasoning is a process that makes your pots and pans non-stick. If not seasoned properly, food will stick to the surface of the pot or pan which leads to burnt food or an unevenly cooked meal. If you’re looking for an easy way to care for your ceramic pots and pans then make sure you’re seasoning them regularly.

This guide will tell you exactly how to do it so that it lasts for years.

How to Season Ceramic Cookware?

Cooking is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The best cooks are those that cook with passion and know their ingredients and cookware well. But when it comes to cooking with ceramic cookware, there’s a lot out there to learn about.

Seasoning ceramic cookware is just one of them. Seasoning ceramic cookware ensures that food will not stick to the pan after cooking and that it will not rust. Read on for all you need to know about how to season ceramic cookware.

How to Season Ceramic Cookware

First, let’s see the steps at a glance-

  • Step 1: Wash the Ceramic Cookware
  • Step 2: Add Oil to the Surface of the Pan
  • Step 3: Heat it Up
  • Step 4: Let the Pan Cool Completely
  • Step 5: Wipe the Excess Oil Away
  • Step 6: Repeat the Process

Now, let’s see what things you’ll need in this process.

So, let’s start with the steps now.

Step 1: Wash the Ceramic Cookware

First, wash your ceramic cookware with mild dish soap and hot water before seasoning. Make sure to use mild dish soap, as this soap works very gently on the ceramic cookware. Now focus on cleaning the surface neatly as the surface should be completely clean and spotless. Once clean, dry your cookware thoroughly with a soft clean towel before proceeding to the next step.

Wash the ceramic cookware

Step 2: Add Oil to the Surface of the Pan

Next, you should choose oils with high smoking points such as (Vegetable, cooking oil, Avocado oil, etc). Try to avoid low smoking points oils and olive oil, coconut oil, butter, etc. as they can leave an unpleasant smell.  So, apply a thin layer of one tablespoon of oil to the surface of your ceramic cooking pot or pan with a paper towel or cloth. Spread the oil evenly around the whole surface of your pots or pans. If needed, you can add more oil.

Step 3: Heat it Up

You need to let the oil heat up slowly for good seasoning. Usually, you can do this process in two methods. These are, using the stovetop method and oven method. So, let’s see how these two methods work.

  • The Stovetop Method

Now, place your cookware set over the stovetop at medium-high heat. Let the oil heat up slowly and during this time make sure not to leave it unattended. Never hurry by putting the heat on high flame and keep in mind, it won’t work at all. You can turn off the heat once you see smoke coming out.

  • The Oven Method
The Oven Method

So, if you have a conventional or convection oven then you can do this process on the oven also. Simply set the temperature to 300ºF or 150ºC and place the pot or pan keeping the surface down on the middle rack.

Step 4: Let the Pan Cool Completely

After the heating process is done, remove the cookware from heat and let cool completely. In this time the pan will soak the oil coating and make sure not to put the pots or pans on the fridge or pour water to make it cool faster.

Step 5: Wipe the Excess Oil Away

Once the ceramic pots and pans cool down completely, wipe away all the excess oils with a soft towel or tissue paper.

Step 6: Repeat the Process

Still, if you see any spot on the surface of your ceramic cookware, you can repeat this process. But, if you correctly follow the above steps accordingly, you won’t see any leftover spots.

10 Tips to Make Your Seasoned Ceramic Pans Last Longer

10 Tips to Make Your Seasoned Ceramic Pans Last Longer

Do you notice the discoloring on your ceramic cookware? Or when you scrub them, do they seem to be coming off in sheets of black? That’s probably because you don’t know how to properly care for seasoned pans.

Seasoning is a process that provides non-stick surface qualities and food flavors, but it also needs maintenance. With these six tips, your seasoned ceramic pans will stay new and look good as long as possible.

  1. Season your pan with vegetable oil before using it
  2. Clean and wipe out your cookware with lukewarm water after every use to speed up the drying process, reduce bacteria growth, and avoid rusting through.
  3. Cleans any debris left behind from cooking and prevents unwanted odors by scrubbing with baking soda and hot water using a soft sponge.
  4. Make sure that you’re not using any dish soap or cleaning solution containing vinegar, as it could break down the seasoning on the surface of your pan.
  5. Avoid using bleach or commercial cleansers made for porcelain because they rule out important oils in the
  6. Seasoned ceramic pans need regular maintenance with a light coat of oil, so after every few uses remember to use oil.
  7. Always use low heat until the pan is properly settled into and has been seasoned a while
  8. Pan should not be left sitting wet or soaking in water overlong or overnight, as this can lead to dampness on the bottom of the pan which can cause sticking
  9. Never use metal utensils; go for using silicone or wooden utensils.
  10. Try not to stack the ceramic nonstick cookware. Instead of stacking, you can hang them from a pan rack.


A well-seasoned pot or pan is easier to cook and clean than one without seasoning. You may even not want to cook with your ceramic pots and pans if they are not seasoned. It is important that you care for them properly before using them, or else the food will start sticking to the surface of the pot or pan.

Whether you’re new to ceramic cookware or just want a refresher, this guide will help get started on the right foot. Here you’ll find how to season ceramic cookware to make your cooking easier.  Also, it’ll help you in maintaining your cooking ware as well as keeping it clean after use. Who knows? Perhaps this article might also inspire you to buy a ceramic set of dishes too.

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